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WELCOME to YOUR PARTICIPATORY and INTERACTIVE website network that connects you to many communities of the African World by engaging you with REAL people and projects that are transforming the face of Africa and the global African Diaspora. You will want to bookmark our constantly evolving sites because they enable you to find the answers to ALL your questions about things African in your own time and in your own unique way.


To reap the maximum benefit, you need to understand the full scope of the problem we are addressing and how we can help each other achieve our common goals for a better quality of life for all our people by viewing Professor Randall Robinson's compelling C-SPAN TV interview about the history that is still being purposely kept from people of African and Native American descent. Professor Robinson is independent of our site, but his critical insights and wisdom have served to inspire us to action for many years. He cuts right to the core of why we remain so poor despite our enormous personal fortitude and economic potential. Our sites help you develop strategies that will help us all overcome this tragic cycle of PURPOSEFUL disinformation and economic deprivation still inflicted upon us by the descendants of our tormentors.


Our sites go far beyond just stating simple facts. They engage you in activities that bring lessons to life for an UNFORGETTABLE experience. We help you answer the really tough and taboo questions like "Why do Africans and Caribbean people seldom associate with or live among their African American brothers and sisters?" Or "Why do American Blacks STILL think Africans live in trees?" Or "Why do White Americans fear some people of African descent more than others?" Or "Why do the history books STILL separate Egypt from Africa?" Or "How can the global African community join together to combat the purposeful disinformation and fear mongering tactics used by our former captors to keep us weak and apart?" Or "Why we should NOT embrace specific public figures based on media hype that too often ignores their questionable actions and crimes of these people, their forebears and descendants?'" Or "Why are Black people around the world so vulnerable to the mischievous manipulation of information from Whites, Blacks and others that is designed to keep us poor, unenlightened and angry with one another (instead of the real culprits)?" The answers to these, and many other questions will surprise you.

We are dedicated to supporting the ultimate and sustainable freedom of Black people of all nations and colors through EDUCATION and DIGITAL INFORMATION that comes from previously-silenced voices like yours. Here you will find organized systematic and customizeable things TO DO that are of TRUE VALUE—not just words on a screen. You can receive FREE TRAINING so you can become a quality (and marketable) producer or a more savvy consumer of multimedia information.


WE BRING YOU new ways to create and share vital information for and about people of African descent who are:

LIFELONG LEARNERS, Teachers, Librarians, Trainers, Students, Citizens. We specialize in the visual and experiential enrichment of lesson plans for teaching Black History and Culture. Teachers and students in participating school districts are no longer limited to teaching the same subjects in the same rote manner day after day and year after year. We provide educators and students with the micro-media resources and skills needed to create their own customized, interactive and participatory web-based learning activities about Africa and the Diaspora. We connect you with digital and traditional tools that supplement culture-specific learning across the curriculum. <more>

Content Developers: Journalists, Photographers/Filmmakers, Writers, Media Producers, Publishers and Researchers are being trained and recruited to participate in the African Memory Project that creates new ways of telling Black American and African stories for the 16 billion dollar, and rapidly growing local and global educational publishing sector. Broadband’s imminent arrival has already had positive impact in the lives of those who develop the skills and get the professional experience required to supply this increasingly demanding market of information consumers with culture-specific content. We are affiliated with groups of innovative and successful distance learning projects.

Women of African descent who want to form their own profitable knowledge businesses teams in support of local and global development. <more>

Rural Arts Crafts Communities are receiving free training to be featured in the Arts and Crafts Catalog which uses the Internet, photography, video and research to discover and promote artists who are the actual producers of much of the art tourists pay too much for in Africa’s cities.

Community, Church, Family Groups, NGOs around the world are being organized into a Helping Hands Network designed to demonstrate to large numbers of people the things they can do to break the cycle of domestic and global poverty by introducing digital media tools and techniques that will result in better governance, education and more prosperous local business development.

Consumers seeking group discounts on quality African heritage products African Heritage products including:

Fine Arts Collectors & Investors who are looking for top quality works of art from top traditional and rising artists, sculptors and painters at prices that ensure a better ROI. Our commercial division is leveraging global demand coupled with the scarcity of cash to deliver better prices by replacing traditional middlemen with digital middlepersons. <more>

Home and Office Decorators will find some of the best quality and reasonably priced goods from Africa and the Diaspora available anywhere. Our knowledge community members can buy, sell, barter or trade all things remotely connected to African.

Travelers will discover we have something for everyone who ever wondered about how things really are in any of Africa’s 52 countries, America's 50 states, the Caribbean or elsewhere. Our content will make exploring your roots a lot more affordable, comfortable, fun and memorable whether you choose to travel virtually or in person in the company of reliable indigenously-owned tourism service organizations that we deal with daily. <more>

Freedom Lovers and Defenders will find news of interest to protectors of the rights of all people regardless of race, colors, religion, ethnicity or national origin.


OnLine Africa is the Black American parent company of the Pan African Institute for Digital Media (PAIDM) that provides free training to its members.



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