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2013-16 Activities

PAIDM and OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation are creating intensive online journalism pilot courses and modules for UNESCO and the African Virtual University. In collaboration with Africa’s growing research and education networks and the African Virtual University, PAIDM will host a series of 2013-14 regional training workshops to develop prototypes for new media courses that focus on experiential learning.

June 1-6, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria, PAIDM will co-host Visual Communication, Journalism and Photography Training Workshops for UNESCO and African Varsity News Network in partnership with Eko Konnect Research and Education Network, West and Central African Research and Education Network and OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation.

These experiential learning events will create prototypes on-line Nigerian university newspapers as starting points for a Nigerian National University Newspaper Network which is the first in our series of such African collegiate news and information networks. In Lagos, we will train teachers and student newspaper staffs in writing, photography, media management editing and research. The workshops will enhance the capacity of Nigerian university media to develop and produce fresh written content, photographs and designs for on-line distribution.

PAIDM will also:

• Expand in-house media production capacity of qualifying public service and business organizations;

• Develop new ICT applications and multimedia training courses for African and Diaspora universities and e-governance centers;

• Research, develop and publish digital educational materials (articles, books, documentaries, games) based on legacy archives of Africa's self-liberated countries;

• Conduct digital journalism and communication media field studies and micro-media social studies projects with educators and students in Kenya, Egypt, China, India, Brasil, Ireland, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and the US via the Interactive Cultural Exploration (ICE) Project.

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Prof. Robert Jones with African Memory-Cairo production team and trainees in Kenya.


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