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The OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation and the AWE Network grew out of the OnLineAfrica (OLA) Project which was a think tank for many of the first developers of digital content for the World Wide Web. Our consulting clients sought to digitally link American, African and Diaspora people for educational and entertainment purposes. Today, we provide technical expertise and skills training for groups of individuals and organizations seeking ways to more effectively utilize innovative ICT (Interactive Communications Technologies) for inclusive business development and for teaching and learning about the global African World. Our emphasis is on mobile and "micro-media" systems which are transforming communications, learning and business around the world.

We collaborate with and support aspiring journalists, media entrepreneurs and educators who aim to stake and secure their claim in the $16 billion digital publishing sector by playing expanded roles in content research, production and distribution. We are training and mentoring groups of aspiring African and Diasporan information workers and idea people who can help our affiliated digital publishers locate, mine, aggregate, develop and market innovative interactive content for learning about Africa and the Diaspora.

Our websites are frameworks within which the "mobile information dreams" of journalists, teachers, students and media content creators can be developed, incubated and sustainably realized by serving the exploding global market for information and statistical data about people of African descent.

While requests for information about people of African descent are at all-time high levels, Black people are not benefitting economically due to a lack of appropriate skills, professional equipment and required networks of producers, distributors and purchasers. We provide viable solutions to overcome these problems throughout Africa and the Diaspora through our global networks of experienced multimedia trainers and producers.

To learn more about the scope of our work, please see the brief overview of our programs. OnLine Africa's AWE Network of websites and resources is designed to help you define a role for yourself and your peers as we collectively address the disinformation problems often cited by Dr. Randall Robinson and others. (Please note that while we completely embrace Dr. Robinson's work, we are separate entities).

With your help, our people can seize control of our own information (and revenue) streams before it is too late. See our GUIDE to get started today.

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