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COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICAL ENGAGEMENT (COPE) empower indigenous groups of trained and skilled fine artists, photographers, craftsmen/women and other information partners by giving them the opportunity to benefit financially from their engagement with "digital friends of Africa" around the globe. The sale of COPE products directly benefit the rural creators of the items sold in urban tourist markets in Africa and the Diaspora.

We ensure that the money you spend on Arican products do more than enrich the "wrong" Africans and non-African middlemen. COPE ensures that your dollars will buy QUALITY products and allow you to actually "experience" and feel the texture of the place from which the items originate BEFORE you buy. We are planning a global home shoppers and learners network that will save money via e-Bay style auctions and far beyond.

We are among the first social and professional networks to utilize INTERACTIVE ICTS (Information and Communications Technologies) to directly connect distant buyers and knowledge seekers with global producers, suppliers, educators and lifelong learners. Whatever you need from Mother Africa can be provided at a noticeable discount by joining COPE.

We also show you how to EARN INCOME from popular hobbies as a result of our FREE training in media arts.

The COPE approach enables networked communities of buyers and sellers (individuals, groups, schools, teachers, professionals and civic organizations) to economically empower themselves. COPE helps keeping the flow of earnings and savings for goods, information and services from Africa INSIDE the global African Diaspora.

We are creating our Digital Catalogue of African Arts and Crafts. This online catalogue will showcase quality African heritage products using ads and detailed stories created by teams of African photographers, researchers, writers and filmmakers we have trained over the years. These teams are compensated upon sale of the products because their work enables COPE members to preview specific items and also get to meet and talk to the creators of the work with whom you can even exchange stories about the product and the people behind it if you wish.

Our local teams help COPE negotiate the best price for you based on volume group sales and their knowledge of how things work on the ground in Africa.


Purchase Discounted African Heritage Products

COPE eliminates 3 of the major reasons why quality African heritage goods are so hard to obtain at reasonable prices:

  1. low volume purchasing
  2. disinterested and often exploitative middlemen
  3. lack of knowledge on part of both buyer and seller.

Not only do we remove these barriers, we give you opportunities to interactively barter with African sources of the product you are seeking. COPE membership even makes it possible for you to discuss the transaction with the actual creator of the work.

Through deployment of ICT, we provide buyers and sellers with constantly updated market prices and product analysis as our members connect you to highly motivated and skilled makers and buyers of quality Afro-ethnic products and information services for better living, earning and saving through lifelong learning.

This enables both the buyer and seller of these goods to be better informed. When knowledge is shared across OnLine Africa's networks of consumers, producers and supply chains there are no secrets.

This means you pay less for more when buying African heritage products online through your COPE.  Suppliers of goods and services also retain more of their earnings when they are part of our COPE Community.  


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