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On-going Initiatives & Future Plans

Phase 1: Curriculum Development

o We are continuing to design and develop additional content for on-line course modules in Digital Ethnographic Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications based on the needs of specific schools, programs and organizations as revealed by our constantly evolving research activities.

o We are nearing completion of the ultural adaptation of OLAfrica digital learning systems (textbooks and participatory activities) for West/East (2013), South/Central Africa (2014).

Phase 2: Advanced & Experiential Training

o Field testing and validation of culture-specific blended and on-line digital textbooks and experiential learning frameworks (SIMBA Image Bank, African Treasures e-Magazine, African Memory and GEO Afrique projects) that include a series of free participatory workshops that provide mentors to teams of media professionals and aspiring journalists who collaborate on assignments and production exercises.

o Further technical support for developers of the All Varsity News Network for replication throughout Nigeria and West Africa (2013) and other regions.

o Refine and advance Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) internships and courses in partnership with the African Virtual University (AVU), Association of African Universities (AAU), West and Central Africa Research & Education Network (WACREN), UbuntuNet Alliance, TrenchTown (Jamaica) Digital Music Studio and Howard University in collaboration with professional communication organizations.

Phase 3: Content Development

o Research and publish stories (articles, films, radio and new media) based on “legacy archives” for the OLAfrica “AFRICAN MEMORY” project that features multimedia stories of unsung heroes, luminaries, opponents and obstacles of African & Diaspora liberation and self-determination movements.

o International Field Study: Journalism, Photography, Radio, Science and Technology, Social Studies, History, Geography, Photojournalism, Photo Illustration and other fields.

o Enabling universities to provide useful and career-enhancing media electives and short courses without extra expense by partnering with accredited schools using OLA/PAIDM learning system courseware.

Phase 4: Better Governance

o Planned activities include further development of our electronic “Fifth Estate” templates and testing the civic media apps cited as 2012 winners of the African News Innovation Challenge and other competitions that reward Africans for cutting-edge concepts that use ICT to support good governance and quality mobile learning initiatives.

o Development of Community Research and Information Bureaus (CRIB) that will support local language mobile phone radio networks seeking to provide seldom-heard voices with opportunities to interact with public officials and local village think tanks. The 35 Regional Learning Centers of the Open University of Tanzania and the African Virtual University are the test-beds for these networks which will be built and managed by OLAfrica Knowledge Foundation, PAIDM's parent.

Phase 5: Networking for Sustainability

PAIDM's Service Bureaus will expand local capacity for providing digital information services via alliances with domestic and foreign collaborators. We plan to start a micro-media business incubator and accelerator to support local development.

We are researching and designing activities that will provide unique content and services for global networks of African and Diaspora scholars, business persons, students, community journalists, entrepreneurs and professionals from all disciplines who are proponents of good governance, transparency and media integrity.

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