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First, you must join the African Memory Project learning community (ies) of your choice and return the survey that will allow us to program our coming WebTV channel with the experiences you want to see and participate in.

Your purchases earn points that can be redeemed by peer organizations throughout the Diaspora. We take the old S&H and Plaid Stamp models and apply them to purchasers of quality goods from Africa and the Diaspora who are motivated by AUTHENTICTY, COST, QUALITY, PHILANTHROPY, KNOWLEDGE, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and last, but not least HELPING YOUR PEOPLE THROUGH MEDIA ENGAGEMENT.

If you have these motivations and would like to sell or purchase goods and services and share your savings and potential earnings to ensure that Black American and African communities are able to take advantage of broadband services that will revolutionize how all of society creates, shares and consumes information. Our work aims to ensure that people of African descent are not once again excluded from producing knowledge products and being forced to purchase inferior and often inaccurate accounts of our own history and current affairs created by others

When you form a community group and make certain purchases through our services, you become part of A PLAN that saves money and also one that RETURNS PART OF RESULTANT PROFITS TO CONNECTED LOCAL COMMUNITIES in Africa, US and Europe. Your purchase price is lower because our volume purchasing power eliminates the greedy middlemen who previously controlled the heritage product supply chain. Digital communications have made it possible for us to provide on-line bartering (in real time) with the suppliers at their places of business overseas. Our personal video introductions link GROUPS and ORGANIZATIONS together to maximize their purchasing power when buying quality African Heritage Products featured on our websites.

OLAfrica becomes the conduit through which your goods will be actually procured and delivered to you. You will be able to comparative shop electronically through our network of trained photographers and filmmakers and IMC professionals who take us (and you) to the source so we can negotiate directly with the producers/suppliers themselves. We stand behind all our participating merchants and GUARANTEE QUALITY, AUTHENTICITY AND SAFE DELIVERY. You also get to SEE the exact product you will purchase and get to discuss the piece with the artist and the price with us, your sales agent.

We become your PERSONAL SHOPPER and guarantee we will find what you’re looking for at a wholesale price.



Since 1994, in more than 100 arts communities across Africa and the Middle East, our foundation has provided FREE TRAINING to aspiring African imagemakers and visual marketers.

We are known as business enablers, and even creators in many parts of Africa where we are respected and trusted to act in the best interests of African people. The jobs and businesses we have helped create include telecom companies, T-shirt factories, film production companies, commercial photography and digital design.

The foundation now employs several former trainees to cultivate formal relationships with artist commuities that collectively account for more than 70% of Africa’s exports of genuine heritage products. These artists are willing to cut prices further because of volume and first-hand experience with OLA They are further motivated because we employ people from their neighborhods to help market their businesses in exchange for really low prices that often save the purchaser 40-50% more than their normal asking price.

Through our FREE TRAINING programs, we support African and non-African communities to develop localized original learning content and create ICT solutions to local and regional concerns like tourism, transparency and job creation.

Our community researchers and photographers are creating a searchable illustrated catalogue of the thousands of pieces of tourist grade and truly fine African art using the skills they recently acquired through the OLAfrica CyberAc@demy. They are paid according to the quality of their image crafting work and also get a bonus when their influence results in a lower price.

HOW to make the most of this opportunity with COPE GROUPS



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