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PAIDM was created by the OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation to combat the global absense of a balanced 2-way flow of information that is beneficial to people of African descent.

With your assistance, PAIDM will be able to continue providing access to the skills African people need to tell our own stories and educate ourselves using a blend of effective African and non-African resources and methods woven into the fabric of the skills and knowledge needed to prosper in the Information Age.

The OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation has been providing quality journalism and visual communications training since 2004 in 15 African countries, Europe and the US.

Recent Success Stories

PAIDM was selected by the UNESCO Centers of Excellence in Journalism Education Progamme and the Open University of Tanzania to develop and test culture-specific curricula for training African journalists, digital media producers and information consumers. The Eko Konnect Research and Education Network and OnLine Africa are partnered to develop and manage a series of workshops that will advance the African Varsity News Network (AVNN). We will host the first training sessions in Lagos, June 4-7, 2013. The workshops will result in creation of several prototypes for a National Nigerian University News Network that can be replicated in other regions. Training in professional journalism, management and design will be provided by PAIDM and AVNN.

In 2012 we were selected to work with the African Virtual University and UNESCO to produce and test fully online modules of our blended learning courseware that were cited as Best Practice examples at the 2011 e-Learning Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam.

OLAfrica Knowledge Foundation and PAIDM co-funded and provided human resources for the 2012 creation and launch of the Julius K. Nyerere Center for Good Governance and Media Studies at the Open University of Tanzania. The Center’s main campus office is providing universal access to digital applications and other tools to assist in the attainment of community-mandated better governance, education and media skills development via participatory and interactive engagement of citizens, state institutions and NGOs.


Media Production Studios & Offices of OLAfrica, Dar es Salaam

The J.K. Nyerere Center for Good Governance premiered September 5, 2012

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