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The OLAfrica e-Governance Center Network represents a major first step toward demonstrating an African-rooted definition of democracy based on civic expectations, community participation and mutually derived benefits for the governed and their leaders. It blends traditional values of African society with those values mandated by technology’s continuing advancements which are impacting all the world’s societies in various ways.

The e-Governance Center Network empowers communities to utilize information as a tool for civic engagement and economic empowerment by enhancing the capacity of community, governmental and non-governmental organizations to proactively respond to the needs expressed by “The People” as they explore how they can become living examples of good, accountable and people-driven governance.


The Center benefits (1) Communication (2) Education and Lifelong Learning (3) Business and Economic Development (4) Governmental and Non Governmental organizations.

The Center serves as a think tank, training center, business incubator and technology demonstration laboratory that creates, tests and evaluates how good governance and targeted Millennium Development Goals can be achieved in Africa with community ICT engagement in the form of Rural Village Think Tanks.

The Centre will assist in the attainment of Africa's unique political and economic goals through a number of programs, projects and activities that will enable citizens groups and government offices to experiment with, and experience the benefits that can be derived by leveraging the power of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to address vital matters of concern to the nation, rural villages and eventually the rest of African civil society.

We are working with several American, African and European universities who are committed to facilitating local participation in the research and information dissemination components of their projects. UNESCO Centers of Excellence in Journalism Programme recently invited us to develop courses in digital ethnographic journalism which we are testing at several universities including the African Virtual University and Howard University.

To encourage widespread local participation, we and our corporate sponsors are offering valuable prizes (cameras, smart phones, tablets, computers, publishing opportunities, free training) and cash for winning contributors in our content development competitions.


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Please view the film RED CRY about problems being faced by the Lakota Sioux tribe in the US to further comprehend the urgency of this global matter.

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