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LEGACY ARCHIVE RESEARCHERS are needed to mine audio and visual data from the African Liberation Heritage Programme of the African Union and UNESCO with whom we are collaborating to provide teachers and public speakers with unique and rare information about Africa's most visionary leaders and freedom fighters.

This information will be used to create multimedia information sets for teachers and students of the social sciences. Teachers and public speakers will be able to use these materials to illuminate topics discussed during Black History month and on other occasions.

The first set of digital publications will be released in September 2013 and will feature extensive and rare images, sounds and other data from the life and times of prominent internationally significant public figures and leaders: Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana), Julius Nyerere (Tanzania), Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya), Viola Liuzzo (US), Azikiwe (Nigeria), Patrice Lumumba (Congo). Future programs will be determined by teacher communities and will feature persons of all ethnic backgrounds who proved the sincerity of their beliefs in equality for all races. It is important to remember that many of the staunchest supporters of Black liberation movements were were neither African nor Black. We look forward to your suggestions.

axMUSIC RESEARCHERS are needed to create "digital slugs" that will appear on the web sites of our participating radio stations. Very often, listeners want to know who the featured artists are and even get more information about them. These digital slugs inform listeners about who is performing the song they are currently listening to. They can also provide biolgraphical/personal information, GPS directions to concerts and location of points of purchase.

Many African artists enjoy enormous popularity at home and outside Africa. Unfortunately, most overseas listeners cannot find out the name of the person or group that just performed a song that appealed to their ear. The information you provide will eliminate this problem for millions of listeners and potential purchasers. We ae currently negotiating agreements with our associated radio stations, artists management companies and advertisers so we can properly compensate our researchers. <MORE>


To maximize our training and media production efforts, we only work with organized groups of people who sincerely want to improve their image making skills and take advantage of the unique opportunities that will arise upon doing so.

We are looking for artists working with all media to create a comprehensive catalog of Moment in the African Memory like the drawings and paintings of Sudanese artists Nasser el-Deen Taher and Ibrahim Sayed.


WIKIPEDIA Foundation has several current openings


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