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Educators, Librarians, Heritage Researchers and Content Producers (Writers, Photographers, Filmmakers and Digital Designers)


FREE TRAINING in PHOTOGRAPHY and DIGITAL DESIGN is available to participating Communities of Practical Engagement (COPE) whose 5 or more members want to begin preparing themselves to service a growing global market for locally produced African products of all types.

Your training team must include at least 1 aspiring photographer, 1 filmmaker, 1 researcher/writer/storyteller and 1 digital publication designer. Following training, your team will be eligible for assignments to document specific local artists, their work and the tribal origin of original fine arts sculptures and paintings for inclusion in a catalogue and marketing tool designed to put buyers from abroad in direct contact with African artists who are willing to negotiate lower prices based on volume our catalogue will generate.


The First Digital World Catalogue of African Heritage Arts and Crafts will be circulated to organizations and individuals who want to purchase handmade qualiy heritage products from Africa. Work on this catalog and database demands adherence to the highest standards of technical photography/video and Integrated Marketing Communications that includes Illustration, design, writing and editing for print and web publications.

Our buyers are largely African-Americans, Africans and Europeans who are looking for both "tourist grade" crafts and high-end traditional fine museum quality art forms whose tribal origins and history have been documented by our researcher-writers. Our buyers are highly motivated due to their desire to learn more about, and become more closely connected to their brothers and sisters in Africa and the Diaspora. CASH BONUSES are paid whenever your photo and data enable us to make a sale.


To participate, you MUST:

  1. Organize (or join) a COPE group (no cost)
  2. Complete free training
  3. Collaborate to produce 2 sample pages from each member of your COPE for our qualitative evaluation
  4. Have access to a good quality camera or mobile phone-camera/video. We will supply selected groups with proper equipment following training.

There can be NO EXCEPTIONS since this venture goes beyond income generating opportunities and is attempting to bring a new higher standard to promotional products made by African people. The higher we push the bar upwards, the more income and professional respect, African people can earn. Even if you have 40 years experience as a photographer, you MUST pass the training exams and demonstrate your contribution to your team's ability to carefully illustrate the people, cultures and objects involved. The catalog demands a specific uniform and consistent "look and texture" that is best guaranteed by training and competency demonstrations.

While the photographer/filmmakers in your COPE are being trained, the writer-researchers and digtial designers will also receive training in how to collect and interpret needed information that will allow us to communicate with image-conscious audiences around the world.

Our clients are interested in African people and culture and want to feel they are investing to improve lives of our people. Your work must not only convey the inanimate beauty of a line of jewelry, but also must show the functionality of each piece by combining still life photography with fashion or portrait photography. Each item we select for inclusion in the catalogue will be based on your work and how well it showcases the artistic origins and uses of each piece. We require that you record high quality and audible video of each artist and supplier so we and our customers can meet them via the wonder of ICT. In some cases, your team will create live streaming video introductions for our customers' information about a specific item.



These are FREELANCE opportunities and payment depends on your ability to learn how to produce work to exacting standards of technical precision and artistry.

You must work hard to learn so you can prove yourselves to be knowledgeable and skilled enough to CONSISTENTLY produce EXCELLENT images that are suitable for marketing high quality tribal products (art, sculptures, recorded folk tales and other items that will be featured in the First Digital World Catalogue of African Arts and Crafts. Participating in the catalogue will, in some cases, result in permanent employment with us or our affiliated companies. You will be given the skills to generate information and knowledge-based income and enterprises by collaborating with local businesses, schools, teachers, parents, NGOs and others who will no longer need to import the work that we will train you to do.

Following successful completion of the course and presentation of a top flight portfolio, students will be eligible to begin earning money from using their mastery of the visual arts to create products that can help market products created by people of African descent. Beyond our programmes, you will gain the skills and experience required to open and successfully operate your own local information business.

In addition to the Catalogue, we are building more relationships with foreign and domestic businesses needing visual reports on projects taking place in your country. Normally, local organizations must import such talent from America, UK, Egypt, UAE, India or elsewhere. PAIDM is attempting to internalize these jobs by providing free training and post-certification assignments to qualified GROUPS of individuals who will collaborate as they learn-to-earn.


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