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FREE TRAINING in PHOTOGRAPHY and DIGITAL DESIGN available to PARTICIPATING COMMUNITY GROUPS whose 5 or more members want to begin preparing themselves to satisfy the multimedia requirements of growing global markets for:


Following successful completion of the course and presentation of a top flight portfolio, students will be eligible to begin earning money from using their mastery of the visual arts to create products that can help market products created by people of African descent.

Who are we looking for after training?

OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation has a most urgent need for qualified:

  • Photographers and filmmakers who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable and skilled enough to CONSISTENTLY produce EXCELLENT images that are suitable for marketing high quality tribal products (art, sculptures, recorded folk tales and other items that will be featured in the First Digital World Catalogue of African Arts and Crafts. In addition, we are building relationships with foreign and domestic businesses needing promotional materials and audio-visual based reports on projects taking place in your country. Normally, our colleagues and clients must import such talent from UK, Egypt, UAE, India or elsewhere. PAIDM is attempting to internalize these jobs by providing free training and post-certification assignments to qualified GROUPS of African and Black individuals who will collaborate as they learn-to-earn.
  • Writers and Researchers to write (for print and multimedia) stories about local African art and culture that will stimulate learners and motivate buyers of quality African art objects and other products. For inclusion in our catalogue, your words must make the images of the product literally come alive and jump off the page. Training for writers will also be provided late in 2013 once we have trained enough image-makers and community researchers for the tasks currently at hand. Researchers are needed to identify the best local sources for specific types of African heritage products sought by customers around the world.
  • Digital and 2- and 3-dimensional graphic designers and artists to join registry of freelance personnel and contractors capable of designing a wide variety of information products including: annual report covers, post cards,T-shirts, posters, book covers, CD/DVD covers, etc.


There can be no initial payment for any participants in this programme. You must provide your own equipment for learning-to-earn. Once your abilities match our demand for services, you will be well compensated in one of several ways that can make a difference in your life.

Winners of our design contests will be provided the equipment needed to establish a sustainable local design business like t-shirt design and production, posters for tourists, digital service bureau management, 3-dimensional scanning and printing to name a few.

This digital catalogue will be circulated among people our network of research units have profiled as being highly motivated buyers of guaranteed top quality products from Africa by rural Africans. Your photos and text can help local artists seal the deal with customers all over the world who want to see their money go to the creators of the works rather than some middleman outside African communities. Instead of rewarding such agents, our freelance contributors are compensated at market rates for their time and expertise.

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(l-r) Prof. Jones    Renowned Nubian artists, Ibrahim Sayed & Sabha Oromo