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Ever since the success of "home movies" like the Blair Witch Project, EVERYBODY with a video camera has dreamed of producing a commercially successful film.

For most, this will not happen without a solid understanding of how the movie production and distribution business works. Even this knowledge is no guarantee of success due to the technical, aesthetic and logistical pitfalls which can spell disaster for even the most brilliantly written script interpreted by the most capable actors.

Successful filmmaking is no accident. In most cases, you cannot just turn the camera on and let it record in real time what unfolds before the lens. The camera has no intelligence of its own. Instead, it relies on you to transfer yours to it. This requires the ability to speak several languages and understand a great deal about why certain films get noticed and others do not.

Being an aspiring independent filmmaker, you probably do not have easy access to the collective intelligence of scores of people (technicians, writers, editors, psychologists, sociologists, historians, prop masters, gofers, gaffers, etc.) needed to produce a successful film. You need to speak the language of light/lighting, composition, movement, storytelling, time compression/expansion, audio and much more if your film is to be screened at gateway film festivals like Sundance and even less well-known venues.

Thankfully, you no longer need a camera costing $15,000 and up. BUT you need to know how to get the most out of whatever camera you choose. That choice must be a wise one rooted in knowledge of the mechanics of image crafting. Our consultants are skilled at showing you how to improve the technical output of pro-sumer grade and professional cameras that range in cost from $500-$5,000. Bear in mind that even some expensive cameras do not perform well in low light. We show you how to overcome this, and many other weaknesses of semi-professional gear.

Don't think that just because you have a $ 20,000 camera and a film degree from UCLA or the London Film School, you have everything it takes for success in this highly competitive business. Being a great artistic filmmaker is no guarantee of success either. Film vaults and hard drives around the world contain thousands of brilliantly crafted films that have never seen the silver screen. That's because filmmaking is a business, art, craft, money sponge and a leap of blind faith. Acquiring the technical personnel and gear you need can be a very expensive proposition UNLESS you have access to talent and equipment pools like Movie Medic.

We are a consulting company comprised of movie and TV industry professionals who have proven successful over a sustained period of time at leading feature and documentary filmmaking companies like Tri Star, Black Side, Barrandov Studios, Twentieth Century, PBS-TV, WGBH, Dreamworks SKG, United Artists, MGM, Touchstone, Miramax, CBS Films and many others.

We are especially interested in helping improve the technical quality of films made for Nollywood, Swahiliwood and other African cinema movements. We invite you to see the technical differences that separate your current products from those of our associates at MFDI (Tanzania) and Africa Interactive (Kenya) whose personnel and facilities can be recruited by Media Medic to strengthen your project's weak points.



Tell us about your project's goals and obstacles in a 1-3 page narrative. If we think we can help you, Movie Medic will ask for more information about the specific problem you are encountering be it production or distribution related. We will select a team of experts who will review your product and recommend ways to solve your particular problem. Many times, this will be all the information you need to get past your obstacle.

There is NO CHARGE for most reviews of actual problem film footage submitted via You Tube or AVI file. Should you require additional advice or even personnel or equipment, we will negotiate a fair service fee OR purchase a minority stake in your project in exchange for our bartered services. We prefer the latter if our panel feels we can help your film gain the success it seeks. In this way, your success becomes our success.

Common problems we address:

  • Lighting (mood, shadow fall, contrast, catch lights, repro details, etc.)
  • Scripting
  • Audio weakness (interference, amplitude, sound effects, levels, music, etc)
  • Lack of clarity (picture, sound or message)
  • Synchronization and color matching problems
  • Fidelity
  • Audience research and analysis
  • The right equipment to reach your film's goal

CONTACT Movie Medic today.


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