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A primary OnLine Africa Knowledge foundation goal relates to communications. We seek to increase the amount of validated and useful information being produced and distributed by people of African descent. We need groups people like you to "fill in the blanks" of the frameworks we have developed for teaching and learning about media and the African World.

We will help you and others in the COPE network make better use of, and locally produce professional-level media. This knowledge and skill sets can help your group grow knowledge enterprises that will create jobs and simultaneously proliferate useful knowledge for and about people of African descent around the world.

In the coming pages you will be able to see some of the benefits available to you and your colleagues, neighbors, family and friends when reconnecting to your ancestral homelands and engage each other in activities and discussions that will make your collective voices more audible to each other and your leaders while also improving your collective economic landscape.

Just remember whatever activities and digital apps you choose to develop must focus on improving communications for education, business and government by using Information Commuications Technologies (ICTs) for developmental purposes.

Our current aim is to build, and reward a large cadre of content developers, advocates for better governance, media producers and social entrepreneurs to establish business models that address people-centered development throughout the Diaspora. PAIDM and the OLAfrica Foundation provide free consultation to get, and keep your group on track.

There are no solo acts in our networks. We must build a critical mass of active participants from many fields and all walks of life if real changes in what and the way we learn and teach about "things African" is to occur. It is this multiplying effect that will enable you to fully take advantage of what you will read about in the following pages. ANY ideas your group proposes will be earnestly considered for inclusion.

Some members of a given group may want to focus on content development. Others may wish to concentrate on business development, communication services, African art investment, philanthropy, purchase of goods, public diplomacy or any number of things. Once your community group has been formed, and your website uploaded to our server, we will be able to help you connect with many types of opportunities available to your group and others in the network.

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