GET THE QUALITY GOODS YOU WANT FOR LESS at our 1-stop shopping center for authentic African Heritage Products. Purchase and sell items here and at the OnLine Africa e-Shop where groups can buy at significant discounts.

We are launching our first African Home Bazaar featuring unusual and elegant Egyptian GIFTS, JEWELRY, HANDBAGS, DOLLS, TRADITIONAL FABRICS, DESERT LIGHTING, HANDWOVEN TRIBAL CARPETS, HOUSEWARES, WOVEN BASKETS, WALL HANGINGS and more from fine art to bric-a-brac and curios. Our supply chain can provide top quality African arts, textiles, crafts, Nubian products, life-long learning products, Persian rugs and virtually everything you might need to bring an authentic taste of Africa and Arabia to your lifestyle while helping improve the quality of life in developing countries through your purchases and optional interactions.

WHY you should use our service

When purchasing products through the Knowledge HUT, more of every dollar you spend goes directly to the producers of the products--not middlemen or other unnecessary "suppliers". We pass these savings on to you--our valued customer. We offer you the opportunity to acquire specific types of quality merchandise at affordable prices when your group (church, mosque, school PTA, sororitiy, fraternity, team, professional association or social club) become part of our OnLine Africa Knowledge communities. Our merchandise can be used as fundraisers because of even lower prices due to volume buying. This benefits everyone.


To help tribal communities reach previously unreachable markets, we are developing the First Digital World Catalogue of African Heritage Arts and Crafts. The catalogue makes it possible for you and investors to acquire AUTHENTICATED traditional and modern fine art and negotiate directly (through meet 'n' greet video) from the source. You can actually observe the creation of the very piece you wish to buy. We also make it possible for the less affluent to purchase hugely popular top quality consumer grade arts and crafts at deep discounts.

This catalogue is being produced in a unique way that creates employment for some of Africa's most remote creative communities who are the original artisans of much of the work sold in upscale African art markets worldwide. They are forced to sell their work at unbelievably low prices by unscrupulous middlepersons who keep the lion's share when selling to outsiders goods that have been incredibly marked up.

Our catalogue changes that dynamic thanks to the Internet and WWW. Our catalogue will connect you directly to the source where OLAfrica's local teams negotiate the best prices based on the volume that our network and our competitors generate. We make it possible for you to acquire work by outstanding globally recognzed artists whose work sells for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The market places in Africa are filled with goods of all sorts and qualities. MOST of what makes its way to the US and the Diaspora is "tourist grade" merchandise. Often these goods are not even created in Africa, but mass produced in countries where labor is extremely cheap. These inferior products often masquerade as the genuine article and the differences can be hard to detect...UNLESS, you know the EXACT item you are looking for and what tribal region it comes from.

Purchasing through our network, you will help prevent African people from being cut out of yet another revenue stream. To create our catalogue, we are working in direct partnership with local community business development organizations, indigenous rural entrepreneurs and African business schools to show local people how they can generate increased profits while creating photos and short videos that serve to protect their/our (and your) interests at every step in the supply chain. Illustrators and writers are given free training in micro-media production as they create visual evidence of each item's quality and authenticity.

COMPARATIVE SHOPPING: If you see a piece you like in a gallery, museum or someone's home, take a good clear photograph of it and get as many details as possible about region, tribal origin, age (period), wood type, metals, name of piece, artist, size, etc. We then circulate this data amongst our suppliers who are most likely to know the artisans specializing in such pieces. Once found, detailed information and very clear photographs or video will be provided to you. If it is what you had in mind, we negotiate the best price and shipping so you get the exact piece you want for a lot less than you will pay in most places.

Volume buyers get the best prices, so the Knowledge Hut organizes groups of buyers with similar interests so we can leverage the group's purchasing power. This translates into better pricing for each individual buyer while making the transaction profitable for the indigenous suppliers. We are part of a far-reaching network of buyers and suppliers that is being developed to help people of African and Middle Eastern descent reach markets that are currently not accessible to them.

Using the Knowledge Hut as your intermediary, your money buys more and better value and simultaneously helps move local and overseas families and communities up the economic ladder. There are thousands of African production communities for goods and we keep track of market gluts around which we can offer you even lower prices through e-Bay style auctions on items like original paintings, prints, books, day planners, small sculptures, Africa-motif and solidarity tee shirts, calendars, board games, paper weights and other items.

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