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SIMBA is a valuable audio-visual information resource for buyers of images, written content and sound recordings by, for about cultures and people of African and Middle Eastern descent around the world.

SIMBA’s content products are marketed to publishers and producers of traditional and fresh new media and informational products about Africa and the Middle East. We provide high-quality, in-depth images and sounds that will enable writers and publishers to include voices of indigenous scholars and analysts in their products. SIMBA represents photographers, videographers, filmmakers and audio recordists to buyers (book publishers, researchers, magazines, newspapers, education, business and broadcasters) who produce news, feature stories and generate corporate and editorial assignments for capable writers and imagemakers.

SIMBA is being used to visually enrich media for existent and planned learning and business programs by interjecting culture-specific role models in the form of text, photographs, films, video, exhibits and multimedia programs that can help articulate a more inclusive view of history and current affairs.

SIMBA also provides photographic and video coverage of the progress being made by development projects. This sight and sound support assists project managers, local citizens and other stakeholders who will be able to more easily and meaningfully track accomplishments of a given project partially through the eyes of intended beneficiaries. This will make projects more responsive, comprehensible and transparent during their reporting and accountability phases.  

We specialize in providing images and sounds that are in high-demand, but which are not commonly available through usual media acquisition channels. SIMBA further seeks to fill the void faced by many researchers who need images and sounds that have been produced with major input from indigenous people.

SIMBA is developing an audio-visual database that will help generate validated multiple media (images, text, sounds, photos, video) products that reflect the viewpoints and perspectives of people who are of African descent.

SIMBA’s line-up of photographers and trainers includes many whose work appears regularly in National Geographic Magazine, the Associated Press, Time Magazine, Newsweek and other publications.

Our associates have agreed to assist us in transferring these skills to people who may not have adequate access to training and education programs. We aspire to endow indigenous people with the capacity to produce a wide variety of news, information and entertainment media products. We even provide equipment for those who master image crafting skills. Thus, local people will have the opportunity to more fully participate in Africa’s development in the Digital World.

Through the OnLine Africa Knowledge Foundation’s CyberAc@demy for Multimedia Skills Training, we are providing African people with expertise in many areas that are vital for the development of sustainable, knowledge-based, digital “economic engines”. Towards this end, the Knowledge Foundation is helping a broad base of donors to contribute to the development of micro-businesses based on verified local and global demand.

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